Signs Your Phone Has a Virus (And What to Do About It)

Does my phone have any virus? What can I do to remove the virus from it? The most commonly asked questions by smartphone users. If you find yourself asking similar questions, then continue reading the article as it might satisfy your query.


Can Android Get Viruses?

Smartphones or androids can get viruses or malware. While a typical virus replicates itself while running, viruses get an easy way to target vulnerable points within the operating system – hence, it may be for financial gain, data-mining or to corrupt or disrupt a network.


In addition, such suspicious malware can easily steal your personal data and information like contact info, your password, your location as well as install adware that forcefully make you download apps.


Furthermore, cybercriminals can also access your smartphone and steal your information which perhaps will be sold on the dark web.


Signs Your Phone Has a Virus

The fact is that you cannot often recognize a virus or malware immediately since they can run dormant while the phone is on running as usual. Nevertheless, viruses can impact your phone both externally and internally. The external damage caused by malware is usually visible, however, the internal damage may be hidden in plain sight – you never know about it.


Below are the common signs that your smartphone might have a virus:

  1.  Extreme Data Usage – have you notice your data usage is excessively increased this time? that’s because your phone perhaps has a virus that’s running in the background, without your recognizing, which cause the sudden increase in overall data usage.


  1.  Fraudulent Charges – there can be some sort of malware that might drive up your bill by text charges or in-app purchases which are later collected by the hackers.


  1.  Pop-Ups – even though some pop-ups seemed to be casual and normal and a traditional aspect of advertising while being on the web, however, if you have closed your browser but still getting excessive pop-ups – then you may be experiencing malware or adware that’s aim is data-mining.


  1.  Apps Crashing – if your phone gets caught by a virus it can lead multiple apps to crash repeatedly. However, there can also be a number of reasons behind apps crashing so make sure to inspect first before jumping to the worst conclusion.


  1.  Overheating – since viruses easily and quickly consume both the CPU and RAM, your phone may get overheated from time to time without any obvious and recognizable reason.


  1.  Increased Battery Drained – know that if there is a virus running in the background, you perhaps experience your battery gets drained mysteriously.


  1.  Unrecognized Apps – if you have noticed some of the apps that you have never installed on your phone then they most likely are malicious forms of viruses or malware.


What You Can Do to Remove Viruses or Malware?

Below mentioned measures can help you prevent or remove viruses from your device:


  1.  Safe mood – keep your phone in a safe mood to prevent the virus in a simple way:
  • Press and hold the power button
  • Choose reboot to safe mood


  1.  Clear the cache – select apps and notifications and move to the chrome. Now go to storage and clear cache.


  1.  Uninstall the unrecognizable apps – check and evaluate if your phone has suspicious apps and then uninstall them instantly. It will help you prevent further damages to your device.


  1.  Antivirus software – an effective way to prevent or remove viruses from a smartphone is getting installed a robust mobile security application available online.


  1.  Scan Your Device – additionally, Play Protect can also be a helpful software as a secondary protection measure for your device. First, choose the play store app, open the menu and scan your device for security.



Androids are way vulnerable to malware or viruses, hence, make sure to inspect your device from time to time or pay concentration to the signs to prevent such suspicious viruses


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