Terms & Conditions:

Provider - O2HOST LTD.
User - Any person that enters the servers of the Provider.
Client - User who is using the tools provided by the Provider.
System - The tool used by the Client to receive various options such as site construction, mailing package, and more.
System and Infrastructure Operator - A third-party company that provides its users and the Provider the technology, infrastructure, and other tools that appear in the system.
Registration manager - Third-party companies that manage the registration of domain names and their soundness.

  1. Introduction
    1. Use of the system is subject to the following terms of use. Terms of use are intended to ensure proper use of the services that the Provider allocates to its customers and the appropriate use of the Internet towards users and in general, adherence to the system's environmental requirements, offered by the Provider.
    2. Please read these terms carefully, as the use of the system or surfing the servers of the Provider constitutes your agreement to all such terms, notices, and conditions of these terms.
    3. The Terms of Use are styled in the singular for convenience but apply to individuals and companies and other legal entities equally.
  2. Registration
    1. Some of the services provided by the system require registration. During registration, you will be required to provide personal information such as your name, address, contact details, e-mail address and more. The information you provide when registering will be kept in the system's database. You are not required - by law to provide such information, however, without it, you cannot use the services supplied.
    2. You are asked to be accurate when giving the details and to provide correct information only.
    3. By purchasing such services you declare and pledge that you are over 18 years old and have the full legal capacity to complete such contractual action without the need for permits or other consents.
    4. When registering you will be asked to choose a name and password. The user name and password will serve you for identification each time you use the services of the system. Keep your user name and password confidential to prevent others from abusing them. Change your password as often as possible, and in any case every three months at least. Responsibility for actions taken using the account you created is yours alone. You will also be required to provide your email address; this address is the only address relevant regarding the password recovery.
  3. Freedom of expression and adding contents to the site

Freedom of Expression is one of the cornerstones of the system, as well as keeping the laws. Therefore:

    1. You are prohibited from posting contents of a vulgar sexual nature, threatening, defamatory, encouraging criminal or civil offenses, violate the privacy, damaging, offend public feelings and content that constitute any violation of the law; contents that their intellectual property rights do not belong to you; contents that contain computer viruses of any kind.
    2. The Provider may refuse to publish content that he believes violate one or more of the above and/or may damage the system and/or any third party and may delete such content at any time without previous notice.
    3. The Provider shall bear no liability regarding the content found in the system and any end device on which they appear, the content, reliability, accuracy, credibility and influence on the computers of users of the system as well as any damage, inconvenience, loss, grief and so those results, directly or indirectly caused to you, your property or any third party for use of these contents.
    4. The content you post on the site or various end devices will be exposed to all users and the Provider cannot know what responses you may receive after submitting the content. Therefore, the Provider shall not be liable to you (or anyone on your behalf) for these responses or of any consequence caused to you or your property following these responses.
  1. System Provider's Copyright
    1. All copyrights and intellectual property for the system and any software, application, computer code, design, graphics files, text and other material contained therein - are only of the Provider. You may not copy, distribute, publicly display or disclose to a third party any part of the above without getting the prior written consent of the Provider.
    2. The trademarks on the website are the property of the Provider only - or if they were advertised, the property of those advertisers. No use should be made without their prior written consent.
    3. It is not allowed to move and/or copy tools/code/software/images, etc. from the Provider's system without the written approval or as part of a product offered by the Provider.
    4. As part of the client’s website design, a variety of images will be presented to the client by the Provider. Clients may keep these images in his site only and may not sell/copy and/or reproduce the images to other places on the Web.
    5. For the avoidance of doubt, the client is not entitled in any case to use these images in any form of advertising and/or marketing and/or sale and/or copying for business cards and/or flyers and/or any other form of marketing outside the frame of the site.
    6. The Provider may discontinue the use of a particular image by removing the image, without prior notice, even if the client is already using it. The Provider gives no warranty to find a suitable replacement for the client.
    7. It is not possible to build a site in the system and store it on another server or outside it.
  2. Limitation of Liability
    1. The Provider's system offers a wide range of tools that clients can make use of them, and they are given as they are (“as is"). The Provider reserves the right to decide whether to add tools to the system, but the client will not have the option to require things that the system does not support. The Provider will make every effort to develop and upgrade the system - according to client requests, but he is not obligated to do so.
    2. The Provider may shut down the system, and change from time to time its structure, system appearance, and availability of services and content provided without the need for prior notice. The client will have no claim or demand against the Provider in connection therewith.
    3. Provider does not warrant that the service provided by the system and the server will not be interrupted without malfunction and/or will be immune from unauthorized access to its computers, damages or malfunctions, failures in hardware, software, or the company’s communication lines or those of its Providers or harm by any reason otherwise, the Provider will not be liable for any direct or indirect damage, pain and suffering etc. caused to you or your property as a result. The Provider will do every effort to keep the service uninterrupted.
    4. The information you submit to the system will be exposed to all Internet users and perhaps to additional information means. Be careful when providing your personal information (such as address or telephone number) and so in responses to inquiries received through use of the system or posting of your information there. Remember: You need to implement the same measure of caution while delivering information and receiving applications as when establishing contact when it is done not through the Internet.
    5. Payment for the use of the system does not make the payer owner or holder of the property or person responsible for the Provider's system, including the system source code in any way.
    6. The Provider reserves the right to implement at any time certain system changes that may directly affect the client's website's appearance and ambiance. Our website builder is a commercial product, therefore we make every effort to ensure the client's website's exceptional performance.
    7. The provider, may without prior notice, change the functionality or design of the platform, or permanently or temporarily terminate them, to you or anyone else, generally including, but not limited to, modules, layouts, styles, fonts, third party tools, plugins and any other tool or functionality within the system. For any of these changes, for reasons stated or undisclosed, you will continue to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
  3. Privacy
    1. When using the system information regarding your habits, products and services purchased or sold, information or advertisement you read, the pages viewed, the offers and services of interest to you, payment method you used may accumulate. Information will be used only under this Privacy Policy.
    2. The Provider will avoid as much as possible providing your personal information to third parties unless required to do so on - by court order, or if he faces the threat of legal action (criminal or civil) in respect of acts done by you in the system. In this case, the Provider may provide the information to the party claiming to have been damaged by you or in accordance with a judicial order.
    3. The Provider may use your information in order to improve the services offered by the system and adjust the system to your needs and preferences, as well as to contact you.
  4. End users on your site
    1. "End user" means any surfer who visits the client's site, built using the system, without distinction regarding the means through which he uses to surf.
    2. The Provider shall not be under any liability for any differences that may arise between the client and the end user or intervene in them in any case.
    3. All terms and conditions of the system are also applicable to the users of the website and the client must inform about it.
  5. Security
    1. The Provider is not responsible for any information deleted from the system or maliciously hacked. Be sure to check who you add to the permissions to manage your system. Change your password as often as possible, and in any case every three months at least.
    2. Some of the tools in the system allow blocking pages or certain information to different users or at all. The Provider does not guarantee that this information is properly blocked and will not be accessible even without the proper permissions. It is recommended not to upload important or confidential information as the Provider does not guarantee its safety within the system.
  6. Backups
    1. The Provider is not responsible for the client’s system backup and it is the client's responsibility to back up and keep a copy of any content of any kind prior to uploading it to the system.
  7. Trial Period
    1. The provider is entitled to use the system free of charge for a limited period or without limitation (trial period) as published and periodically updated (by the decision of the provider). If a fixed period was set, the user can decide after the trial period, whether to continue to use the system and pay for a license to use it. The provider may change at any time the fixed period given to the client.
    2. Clients that will make use of the system in this framework agree with the following conditions:
      1. Sites during the trial period ("without limitation" or "limited period") are assigned subdomains. The provider reserves all rights to cancel or suspend the use of any "subdomain" at any time without reason. The user declares that he agrees and knows that all subdomains are owned by the provider and that he may for any reason or no reason, at its sole discretion and without notice or liability to User or any third party, terminate or suspend the user's account and sub-domain, and remove or delete any content associated with the account, the user name and subdomain immediately.
      2. The provider may at any time change this condition and require the customer pays for continuing the use of the system. It is understood that the provider will not require payment for use prior to the change in this condition.
      3. The Provider may place advertisements alongside free services, without prior notice.
      4. The Provider may block and/or delete any information from your system, if and when the customer fails to make payment at the end of this period including discontinued payment if possible in advance.
      5. Customers that used the trial period for opening multiple sites for this period and using them commercially in an inappropriate manner are at risk that the Provider will lock or delete these sites without notice.
      6. The Provider may send you several messages in different ways (email, text, etc.) during your trial period.
  8. Payment Policy
    1. Purchasing a product or service will be completed only after it is fully paid for.
    2. Although the Provider has reserved the right to change the prices for the services at any time, prices are guaranteed for pre-paid periods.
    3. In the event of a credit card number or its validity causes a delay in clearing by credit card companies, the Provider may suspend immediately the services provided to the customer until the issue is resolved and payment is made in full.
    4. The Client is charged for payments in full every period in which the account is active from the date of opening the account. Any change in the credit card information must be reported immediately to continue to provide and receive services on an ongoing basis and without service interruptions.
    5. To make certain that clients do not experience any interruption or loss of services, O2HOST products include an automatic renewal option by default. Unless a client turns off the auto-renewal option, O2HOST products will automatically renew 7 days before their expiration date. The renewal period will be equal in time to the original subscription period. For example, if the original subscription period for a O2HOST product is twelve months, each of its renewal periods (where applicable) will be for twelve months. When applicable, O2HOST will attempt to automatically charge you the applicable Fees using the Stored Card (the last credit card used to make a payment on the account) for up to 45 days until payment is successfully collected. In the event of failure to collect the payment owed by you, O2HOST may in our sole discretion (but shall not be obligated to) retry to collect payment owed at a later time, and/or suspend or cancel your User Account, without further notice.
    6. By entering into this Agreement with O2HOST and by purchasing any O2HOST product, you acknowledge and agree that the products shall automatically renew in accordance with the above terms. You may turn off the auto-renewal option for any product at any time via your User Account >> Billings & Payments or by speaking with our O2HOST Customer Service team.
    7. Tax invoices in accordance with charges will be sent to the customer immediately after the billing to the email address. The system shall provide the customer with the invoices for this purpose.
    8. Payment by deposit/bank transfer or bank checks will count as the actual payment, but only after being fully redeemed and approved by the bank.
    9. Proportional refunds are not available for services paid long-term in advance.
    10. Refunds for all renewals, manual renewal and auto-renewals, of any service, are not provided.
    11. A 14-day money-back period is available after every initial purchase of a new website package. After this 14-day period has expired, no refund will be provided. The 14-day money-back period, which applies to website packages, does not apply to renewal payments (whether automatic or manual), domains, email accounts, and other services.
  9. Termination of the site in the system and cancellation of a transaction
    1. A customer interested in stopping the use of the services of the Provider previous the conclusion of the period of the connection can do so, but there will be no refund from the Provider. All transactions are final and in advance. It should be noted that the above applies to all products offered by the company.
  1. General
    1. In the event, the Provider transferred the rights, or any part thereof to a third party, the third party will be entitled to forfeit his rights under these terms and conditions.
    2. These regulations are added to any other regulations found within the system and in the case of a discrepancy, they have precedence.
    3. Non-compliance with any section of this document will be considered cause to terminate the client's account immediately and without any prior warning.
    4. The Provider will be entitled to terminate the accounts of those who violate these terms of use in whole or in part.
    5. This agreement is subject to the laws of the United Kingdom only.
    6. Subject to and without limiting the foregoing, in each case and for any reason, any dispute shall be within the sole jurisdiction of the competent court of the London – United kingdom